My most recent novel, 'An Unlikely Messiah' is a story designed first to be interesting and entertaining, but it also has another purpose, to subtly present to the reader thoughts which may 'clean the slate' so to speak. 

    The story follows Gary, a young man of mixed ancestry, half Yaqui and half Irish, raised traveling the carnival circuit with his parents until that point in time when he strikes out on his own. Quickly then, the story becomes bizarre, and rather twisted, winding its way through the quagmire of humanity's shortcomings, prejudice, bigotry, and judgement unwarranted, but also displaying the good and compassionate side of humanity, as it chronicles Gary's adventres and misadventures on his way to being proclaimed a prophet by the peoples of the world.

    It was my hope while I wrote the book, that by the time the story had been read through, the reader would have experienced such a broad and uncommon range of thought, that they would then be receptive to the thoughts expressed on this website, which are, just as were those within 'An Unlikely Messiah' were, I think uncommon, though also universally relevant to questions of human nature.

I suppose a bit of a bio is in order, so here we go. I'm 58 years old, live in South Texas, and have toiled away at a wide variety of occupations in the past 44 years, all of them short term, with the exception of serving as the house manager at a high school performing arts center for twelve years. There I developed an appreciation for the Arts, especially the Theatre Arts.

I enjoyed my part during the production of the plays, helping with the construction of the set, focusing the lights, and setting up sound equipment, but what I enjoyed most were the plays themselves. When all of the preparation for a show had been completed, and it was time for its performance, the students took over from there, leaving me to join the audience.

Plays that had woven through their story thought provoking glimpses of human nature were my favorite, and plays that caused me to think about the trial of being human, long after the show was over, were my most favorite of those. And there is the basis of inspiration and the goal for my novels, to tell an interesting and entertaining story, while also evoking thoughts about our fellow travelers maybe not commonly thought.

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